Sheriff In Border Town Credits New Fence For Extreme Drop In Crime

It is most assuredly not a statistic that the mainstream media or the Democrats really are going to be interested in trumpeting to the world, but results are in Yuma, Arizona, as to the effectiveness of the new border fence. The short answer is, the “wall” works even if it is essentially a fence.

Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot is reporting a 91% drop in crimes since 2009 in the county which is larger than the state of Connecticut since the fence went in.

“We all too often see interviews in Washington [with] mayors and governors but, no offence, they are not the ones that are down here on the border,” Wilmot said in an interview at his office on May 25.

“They are not the ones that are investigating the crimes. They are not the ones out here when it’s 120 degrees, processing a crime scene where 14 people were left to die in the desert.”

Wilmot has witnessed it all in his 30-plus years with the sheriff’s department. He knows a vulture will peck a human body down to nothing but bone, because he has seen it. He knows bandits follow the smugglers over the border and rape the women before running back to Mexico, because he is left with the victims. He knows the cartels will commit any crime to get drugs and humans across the border.

This is why sheriffs and other law enforcement need to be consulted when discussing border security. They are the ones doing the dirty work that the politicians in Washington want to ignore. They are also the law enforcement officials whose numbers rise and fall with the whims of the political class.

The Yuma Border Patrol Sector used to be the worst in the country for illegal crossings, until it became a poster-child for the effectiveness of a border fence.

In 2005, before the fence, more than 2,700 vehicles crossed the Colorado River and open deserts, loaded with illegal immigrants and drugs, according to Border Patrol numbers….

Yuma went from having 5.2 miles of fencing to 63 miles, and subsequently saw an almost 95 percent decrease in border apprehensions by 2009, when Border Patrol made about 7,000 arrests.

This is information that needs to be shouted from the rooftops as proof that border security needs to begin with a barrier of some sort. Unfortunately, it will most likely be buried…unless President Donald Trump happens to Tweet about it.

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