Sheriff In Huge Sanctuary City Vows To Physically Evict ICE Agents

It’s kind of hard to be a law-abiding nation when the sheriff in one of the largest cities in the country refuses to obey the law.

Speaking at a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Sheriff Alex Villanueva from the Los Angeles County sheriff’s office said he eliminate the presence of federal immigration agents from the city’s county jails.

“We are going to physically remove ICE from the county jails,” Villanueva told the board, using the acronym for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Oh, yeah, that’s a great way to set an example of how to cooperate with federal law enforcement in trying to keep the nation’s criminals and those who come in from the outside, from making a mess of the place. Kick out the federal forces entrusted with being sure the illegal criminals get kicked out of the country.

Apparently, this is what he promised to do during the election campaign prior to November.

He also said he plans to further limit the crimes that lead jail authorities to cooperate with ICE.

Villanueva, who won last month’s election, is making good on promises he made during his campaign.

Of course, his superiors are singing a slightly different tune at least for the television cameras.

Sheriff’s Cmdr. Elier Morejon said the department will continue transferring inmates who committed more serious crimes to immigration authorities.

He said authorities are working on the logistics of how those transfers will take place and are evaluating the department’s policy of publishing online the release dates of all inmates — including immigrants who are wanted by federal agents for deportation.

In other words, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is going to bend over backward to keep from sending violent illegal alien criminals back to where they came from and deprive the people of LA the knowledge of when the criminals in their midst are released from incarceration.

So much for the oath of keeping communities safe.


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