Shooting In Downtown Cincinnati

Amazing, isn’t it, every time President Trump scores a political victory or is poised to do so, a shooting happens. This time it’s going on in Cincinnati.

From a local report:

Police announced an active shooter scene as secure at 9:15 a.m. in Downtown.

At least two victims have been located so far, according to police.

The shooting happened in the lobby and loading dock at Fifth Third Bank, 511 Walnut St., police said.

One victim was located at Fifth and Walnut streets, according to police.

Another victim was located inside the nearby Graeter’s ice cream shop.

Police have closed the area around Fountain Square and the Fifth Third building – at the center of Cincinnati’s Downtown business district.

A witness to the shooting said there were at least three people injured in the shooting.

At least 15 shots were fired, said Leonard Cain.

As of this writing, that is what is known. The situation in Cincinnati sounds chaotic in the first hour.

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