So, How Do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Supporters Think Her Ideas Will Be Financed

Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money. That is the problem with socialism. It takes other people’s money to run the system and to hand out all the free stuff that comes through it. This is a truth those of us who have lived for a bit know without a shadow of a doubt. And it is one yet to be learned by the special snowflakes who are supporting New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who keeps putting her feet in her mouth when she talks about world affairs.

The ignorance was caught on tape.

Campus Reform Media Director Cabot Phillips asked people in Astoria, Queens if they favored her Democratic socialist platform and her mission of “Medicare for all” and tuition-free colleges and universities.

Astoria is a portion of the 14th Congressional District in which Ocasio-Cortez won her nomination against Rep. Joe Crowley (D).

On “Fox & Friends” Saturday, Phillips said that some of her millennial supporters don’t have the right historical context to know about failed attempts at socialism.

“I don’t know where they money would come from, but they can figure it out,” one respondent said of how things like free health care and education would be paid for.

Oh, dear. We have a problem, don’t we? The “free” education system in this country is obviously not doing the job when it comes to teaching civics and how socialistic programs are paid for.

One supporter of Ocasio-Cortez also told Phillips that the American public would be OK with paying higher taxes if they had “a good idea and a good reason to spend their tax money.”

Phillips said that success in the United States has been demonized, and is another reason why many are supportive of Democratic socialist ideals.

“Many people are taught that if you are wealthy, you only got that way because you stole it from someone less fortunate or less privileged.”

Earning a fortune is obviously something that has not been taught, either.

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