SOLD OUT! Beto Special Sale On AR-15s In Arizona

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is going to find out the hard way he’s messing with the wrong people.

Over the weekend, the Irishman trying to pass himself off as Hispanic from Texas was one of the presidential hopefuls for the Democrat ticket saying that when they reach the Oval Office, they’ll just buy back guns. In O’Rourke’s case, he’s interested in getting AR-15s off the streets.

Well, gun owners and sellers being who they are, and with a sense of humor, could let that stand. One gun store owner in Arizona decided to center marketing plan around Beto’s scheme. They called it The Beto Special.

Alpha Dog Firearms announced it would be selling AR-15s for $349.99 on Friday, hours after Beto O’Rourke pledged to ban the weapons at the ABC News debate on Thursday night. O’Rourke was adamant that his buyback program would be mandatory, not voluntary, going on to assure the debate moderators that “hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15.”

“Our $349.99 AR deal sold out in less than 4 hours,” the store wrote on Facebook. “We’re trying to process the orders and work on getting more special deals for our good friend gun grabber Beto.”

With all this attention centered around a single model of firearm, one could be persuaded to think that the weapon itself was responsible for a lot of destruction. Not the shooter, but the sheer availability of the weapons.


Of those roughly 40,000 gun deaths per year, less than 400 are committed with AR-15-style weapons, a fraction of the annual deaths caused by knives or sharp objects.

Well, there goes the Democrat talking points narrative down the drain. That being the case, the moonbats may well go after kitchen knives as their next target for confiscation.

In the meantime, AR-15 owners have nothing to worry about. Most reliable election watchers are not confident Beto has a shot.

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