Something Unexpected Happened When CNN Asks Americans About Cohen, Manafort

CNN took a trip to a county in North East Pennsylvania that voted for former President Barack Obama twice and asked voters about their opinion of the recent legal drama the Trump administration is facing with and as well surrounding Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. The voters didn’t pay much of attention to the question.

CNN’s Jason Carroll asked three Democrats, three independents, and one Republican about the current legal developments concerning Trump’s former campaign chairman and former personal attorney.

Registered Democrat Anne Marie Lenahan stated that the economy is so powerful that she doesn’t have a problem ignoring allegations about Trump’s infidelity, “unless the money came from campaign funds.”

Lenahan said that even though Trump violates campaign finance laws that would be not good, she would still vote for him again.

Registered Democrats Richard and Eileen Sorokas, who voted for Obama twice, said they wanted to eliminate the political correctness, that they are satisfied with the direction of the stock market, and that they consider the drama between Manafort and Cohen as a minor issue distracting attention for something more important.

Registered Republican Bob Sellon noted that the current investigations should focus on Russian meddling in U.S. elections and he hasn’t seen anything noteworthy emerge from it.

CNN then interviewed three independents about what they would do if Trump absolved Manafort or Cohen; they said it would influence on their decision on whether or not they voted for him again.

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  1. Jesus, did you pay these people to lie or did you drug them? The economy did quite well under Obama with a record stock market and record corporate profits. Then there is that thing about Trump, on August 6th, admitting in a Tweet that his campaign colluded with Russia to get dirt on Hillary – you do remember Russian, don’t you? In case you’ve forgotten, Russia has 1,000’s of nuclear warhead targeting this country, yet Trumpie was more than happy to collude with them. Can you spell “traitor?” Easy, “Trump Voter.”

    • Really?? Hussein stated that the economy would never see 3% GDP growth ever again, and that less than 2% is the “new norm”. This was the economy doing well??

      Did you not note that the Feds pumped in an average of $40 BILLION a MONTH into the stock market, to keep it afloat? Did you not notice that for many years interest rates in savings were ZERO? This isn’t healthy, bud. The only place to make any money was in the stock market – and that was in danger of collapsing DAILY.

      High corporate taxes had companies moving off-shore, leaving us with virtually no manufacturing base here in the States. Companies moving put people out of work. We had 93 MILLION people capable of working not “participating in the workforce” under Hussein – that’s almost HALF the available workforce in this country.

      Prove that President Trump has collided with the Russians.

      While we wait, I’ll give you a great example of the Hussein administration colliding with the Russians, that left a man DEAD: Uranium One. And Mueller was neck-deep in that collusion while he was head of the FBI. Then there was “tell Putin I’ll have more flexibility after the election”. How about Hillary’s “reset button”?

      You really think the economy was great under Hussein, and that Trump truly colluded with Russia? You are TRULY DELUDED. Or perhaps brainwashed in the liberal cult. Or perhaps just a braindead IDIOT.

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