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Robert Mueller continues to push the limits of his mandate as a Special Counsel, and while Rod Rosenstein may have told President Trump he is not a target of the investigation, it sounds as though he forgot to tell Robert Mueller.

Word has got out that one of President Trumps closest friends that he has known some thirty years was questioned by Robert Mueller’s goon squad.

President Trump is said to have first met Tom Barrack back in 1988 when he was negotiating the sale of the Trump Plaza Hotel In New York.  Since then the two have become close friends, and Tom Barrack became a significant asset as the top fundraiser in 2016 during the Presidential campaign.

A wealthy real estate developer and investor himself, him and President Trump have a lot in common, and Mr. Barrack stuck by President Trump throughout his campaign even though others often waivered when they feared President Trump had said or done something that would have an adverse effect on them.

During one interview Tom Barrack did during the campaign with CNBC in the early part of 2016 he had this to say about President Trump:

“He’s one of the kindest, and actually most humble, friends that I’ve had. I have so much respect for him because at this point in his career, wandering into the milieu was not easy, and he’s changed the dialogue of the debate.”

According to reports, Tom Barrack was questioned explicitly about two people who have already been indicted, and one has even been convicted… Go figure.

The two people were Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. Rick Gates, who served as Manifort’s Deputy Campaign Chairman, was indicted at the same time as him by Robert Mueller and has already pleaded guilty to conspiracy and making false statements back in February.

At least one liberal media source is reporting that the questions were about more than just Paul Manifort and Rick Gates. They are saying that Tom Barrack was also asked about campaign finance issues, events during the transition, and the Presidential Inauguration.

Rick Gates was hired by Tom Barrack last year right before Robert Mueller had him indicted to help get all the leftover business of the Presidential Inaugural Committee finished up.

The liberals love to boast about all the people Robert Mueller has indicted, but come totally unglued when you tell them none of the indictments have anything at all to do with President Trump having colluded with the Russians or anything else to do with his Presidential campaign. Not surprising since they never have an in-depth knowledge of any issue, they just regurgitate the liberal talking points that are posted daily by MSNBC and CNN.

Robert Mueller is nothing but a willing tool of the Democratic Party being used to facilitate an operation to overthrow a duly elected President… A coup d’etat. He has wasted and continues to waste millions of taxpayer dollars making a mockery of the American judicial system… Not because he is investigating a crime, but because he is investigating everyone that had any involvement at all in the 2016 Presidential Campaign that resulted in Donald J. Trump being elected looking for a crime–any crime.

We are being told that everything is on the up-and-up because there are safeguards in place at all levels. They could not have done things like obtaining a “no-knock” warrant to raid Paul Manafort’s home, yanking his wife out of bed at gunpoint, or raiding and confiscating privileged documents from the personal attorney of a sitting President of the United States.

Hopefully thinking American citizens know that is BS and realize that the truth is all one has to do in this political climate is place a document with President Trump’s name on it in front of a liberal judge and they will sign it… There are few safeguards in place to protect President Trump other than the American people.

Robert Mueller and his goon squad may have finally encountered the proverbial needle in a haystack on Friday though when a federal judge that was appointed by Ronald Reagan called them out with a firm dose of reality.

Judge T.S. Ellis told the Mueller goon squad he believed the real reason the Special Counsel is interested in Paul Manafort is to pressure him to “sing against Trump” and the only reason for the additional charges he filed in Virginia is to “tighten the screws” on the former campaign chairman for President Trump.

The judge told the Mueller goon squad he knew they wanted Manafort to “sing,” but he was worried he might also start composing… Something Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz has been saying for months now.

When the judge questioned the Mueller team about where they got their authority to chase down anything on anyone they tried showing him a highly redacted version of the memo by Rod Rosenstein defining the scope of the investigation.

The redacted memo did not satisfy the judge, and after some arguments, Judge Ellis told the Mueller goon squad they had two weeks to get him an unredacted copy or find a way to convince him not to grant Manafort’s motion to dismiss.

Judge Ellis told the Mueller goon squad point blank that the American people do not want a Special Counsel with unfettered power.

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