Stormy Daniel’s Lawyer Offers The Ultimate Solution For Democrats To Solve Their Supreme Court Issues!

stormy daniel

The new ‘porn’ star of the Democratic Party claims he can offer a solution to the Supreme Court problem for the Democrats: Add two more seats to the high court!

In light of the Garland seat that was stolen, together with the events of today and the hiding of docs, etc., the court must be expanded to 11 seats after 2020. The Dem nominee must commit to this or not receive the nomination IMO. There is far too much at stake. #Basta

The tweet:

What a brilliant idea! How can no one come up with such an idea before?

But wait, FDR made an attempt of doing this back in 1936 and it experienced miserable fail.

However, if he really wants to do it, there is no reason to wait until after 2020? Let’s move ahead and do it now and let Trump appoint two more justices! Let’s politicize the hell out of the court! Isn’t it a great idea!

The court has been an activist for decades. Taking a turn back towards originalism will happen very soon and Democrats are very eager to add more seats to the court to keep it activist. They are extremely alerted!

Also, whether Avenatti really hopes the 2020 Democrat nominee to commit to this? He surely does, because he believes he’ll be the Democrat nominee. LOL!

And what can one expect if they do this? Are we going to start adding seats to the Supreme Court everytime the Congress changes? There will be more seats in court rather than in a double-decker bus before you realize!

You know, we like to discuss Trump being the response to years and years of Republican malfunctions and what not. Well, take a look at the crop of ridiculous Democrats that are starting to emerge for 2020 in response to Trump!

Get out the popcorn cause 2020 is about to get LIT!

Here are a few Twitter responses:

The Trump News Gazette

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