The Mainstream Media Is LYING About Migrant Children And Family Separation


As usual, the big narrative from the mainstream media that paints an extraordinarily bad picture of President Trump is packed with lies and total and complete baloney. This past weekend, the big falsehood stated over and over was that Trump could actually do something about separating children from their parents at the border when the aliens, legal or not, enter the United States.

Because the law that calls for this to happen was legislated in 1997 (under Bill Clinton) in order to change it, Congress has to take up the cause. From Ben Shapiro:

In 1997, the federal government made an agreement in a case called Flores not to keep unaccompanied illegal immigrant children in custody beyond 20 days. The settlement said nothing about accompanied illegal immigrant children – children who crossed the border with their parents. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals then ruled that accompanied children also could not be held in custody under the terms of the settlement. This meant that the government either had to release whole families, or that the government had to separate parents from children.

Shapiro also points out that the Trump Administration is treating illegal adult aliens, not asylum seekers, as criminals, hence why children are separated from them while the adults are jailed. The mainstream media rarely mention this distinction. They also do not mention that many times the adults choose to be deported, and leave the children behind.

Trump isn’t forcing children away from parents. He’s enforcing the law on the books. The legislature can fix that law at any time. The facilities he’s using are the same facilities Obama used. Pretending that this is Japanese internment (as Laura Bush suggested) or the Holocaust (as General Michael Hayden suggested) is ridiculous.

At this time, the House of Representatives is working on a fix. We’ll see how fast it can make it through the process.

And then there are the pictures of the facilities that show children in cages and extreme overcrowding that has been circulating. They are from 2014 for the most part. What actual conditions are, the general public does not see because the mainstream media does not publish the images.

So, here we have a mainstream media gang up on President Trump based on a pack of lies. Trying to vanquish the damage done at this point is not going to be easy.

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