Student Arrested After Taking MAGA Hat From Fellow Student Then Slapping Them. Her Reason Will Not Surprise You

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“That’s a racist and hateful symbol.”

According to Sacramento’s CBS 13 report, a Union Mine High School student is facing battery accusations and suspension for a week after snatching a MAGA hat from a fellow student and then reportedly “slapping“ the teacher as he escorted her out of the room. The student defended her attempt at expressing her political disagreement with the “racist and hateful symbol.“

Here is the video of the student’s mid-class nervous breakdown captured on a cell phone, which shows how the male teacher is making great efforts to separate the infuriated 17-year-old senior from her Trump-supporting classmate after she snatched the hat, which she condemned as a “racist and hateful symbol.“

Police state that she now faces two counts of battery: the first against her male classmate and the second against her teacher, whom she reportedly slapped. She also got suspended from the school.

The MAGA hat-snatching student has defended her attempt to express political stances. She told CBS 13 she hoped that her actions would “maybe just wake people up in some type of way because it’s not cool the environment our classroom is in.”

However, it’s not clear what she meant by saying “environment our classroom.“ According to the school’s policy, CBS 13 reports, students are allowed to wear clothing supporting political candidates.

Her father stated that though he doesn’t agree with the way his daughter dealt with the situation, he does think that “the issue” — by which he seemingly meant students expressing their support for the president — needs to be mentioned.

“I don’t agree with grabbing someone’s hat and verbally talking to them in that way,” her father said. “But as far as the issue being brought up, maybe this is something that needs to be brought up.”

Watch CBS 13’s coverage of the story below:

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  1. being pro america and patriotic is “racist and hateful” ?? I would say that girl needs professional help..and badly.

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