Stunning Jobs Numbers Cap MAGA Year

It was the day that all President Donald Trump supporters have been waiting for: the day the jobs added to the workforce were so great, they could not be ignored, even by the leftist legacy media.

Friday, December 6, 2019, was that day.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Friday no matter your view on President Donald Trump there’s no denying we’re living in the best labor market in more than a generation.

“You can’t contradict that these are the best numbers of our lives. You can’t,” Cramer, 64, said following the government report showing the U.S. economy created a better-than-expected 266,000 nonfarm jobs in November, with the unemployment rate dipping to 3.5%, matching a 50-year low. Economists had expected the jobless rate to hold steady at 3.6% last month.

“People don’t want to say good things” about the economy, said Cramer, echoing comments he made Thursday evening on “Mad Money,” telling investors: “Don’t let the armageddonists and the negativists and the hucksters scare you away from owning stocks.”

Fifty years. Think about that. The last time the job numbers looked this good, Richard Nixon was president.

And the never Trumpers of all stripes have to celebrate them because…well if they don’t, they look like idiots.

Referring to Trump, Cramer said Friday on “Squawk Box,” shortly after the jobs report was released, “It doesn’t matter whether you hate him or like him, these are real numbers.”

“This is the best number I’ve ever seen in my life,” Cramer said, zeroing in on the unemployment rate. “Fifty years ago, that number was a curse. Now it’s a blessing.” He added, “I don’t see inflation. I don’t see recession.”

So now the money people in the legacy media are starting to see the light essentially because it’s the Trump train headed right for them.

Hate to be the ones to say we told you so, but there is something that 65 million deplorables saw in President Trump that just could not be wrong.

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