Summer Border Crossings Drop For First Time In Ten Years

Follow through comes through again.

When it comes to the southern border of the United States, the one we share with Mexico, for a long time, politicians have promised to do something about it. It being the porous, boundary with a half asked “fence” made up of surplus military equipment and what amounts to livestock fencing.

President Donald Trump was elected, partially, on the promise to actually do something about that. Thus far, he has come through with replacing ineffective fencing, and finding the means to build new sections. He has also come through on changes in policy and getting Mexico to detain “migrants” using their country as a pathway to the United States.

That follow through has now resulted in a drop over the summer of people crossing the border illegally.

Border Patrol arrested roughly 51,000 migrants in August, a 30 percent drop from the previous month.

The latest figures signal that counter-migration measures instituted by the Trump administration may be reducing the number of border crossers. Border arrests rose from July to August in eight of the last 10 years, which suggests the current drop is not related to recent historical patterns.

… The number of migrants arrested at the border soared in the spring to the highest monthly levels in more than a decade. At the peak, Border Patrol arrested nearly 133,000 migrants at the southwest border, the biggest monthly total since March 2006….

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan addressed the falling arrests Wednesday during a press conference with Trump at the Oval Office. McAleenan said border arrests had been more than halved in August compared with the May peak, but told reporters that finalized statistics were being compiled and would be released next week.

And now the levels are dropping thanks to a deal made with Mexico, and the threat of heavy tariffs if the neighbors to the south don’t do their part.

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