Supreme Court Delivers Blow To Planned Parenthood Abortion Challenge

Supreme Court

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Every now and then, advocates for women’s rights are caught not actually protecting the health and welfare of women. That argument could very well be made following the United States Supreme Court allowing an Arkansas law to stand without hearing the case appeal that Planned Parenthood sued to have declared unconstitutional.

The Arkansas law, the Abortion-Inducing Drugs Safety Act, requires doctors providing medication abortions to have a contract with another doctor, who must have hospital admitting privileges. Its sponsors described it as a safety measure helping to assure that complications arising at home could be quickly treated.

Planned Parenthood sued to block the law, calling it medically unnecessary. In the rare case when complications arise, the group said, patients, are at home and typically seek treatment at a hospital emergency room. And it said because its clinics could not find any doctors willing to accept a contract with a Planned Parenthood-affiliated physician, clinics in Little Rock and Fayetteville would stop offering abortion services if the law went into effect.

Well, there’s one victory with this law. The other is the tacit acknowledgment that abortion, no matter if it is surgical or done via medication, is risky for the mother, and does from time to time go wrong. When that happens, the woman needs to be in a hospital.

The other interesting thing here is that Planned Parenthood could not recruit local doctors to partner with them if something does go wrong. Abortion is an industry and a procedure that is impressed on medical students. In many medical schools, they are required to learn how to do them regardless of whether or not that is their chosen field of medicine.

“Arkansas is now shamefully responsible for being the first state to ban medication abortion. This dangerous law also immediately ends access to safe, legal abortion at all but one health center in the state,” Dawn Laguens, Planned Parenthood’s executive vice president, said in a statement. “If that’s not an undue burden, what is? This law cannot and must not stand. We will not stop fighting for every person’s right to access safe, legal abortion.”

This from the organization that fights sanitation laws in clinics every time one is passed in the name of restricting access to abortion.

Really, as an entity, is Planned Parenthood interested in the health and well being of the mother, or is there something else in play. This is a definite question that needs to be asked.

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