Susan Rice Joins Former Officials Criticizing Trump Foreign Policy

Look, here’s another one who contributed to the mess President Donald Trump faced when he got to the Oval Office claiming that he has no clue what he is doing.

Susan Rice: ‘Wheels have come off the bus’ at Trump’s National Security Council
Susan Rice, who served as former President Obama’s national security adviser, said Saturday that issues of national security are being overlooked or poorly executed in the Trump administration, and that the approach worries her “enormously.”

“One of the biggest concerns that I have about where we are now is that the typical national security decision-making process, which has been in place in one form or another since 1947 [with] the National Security Act — and that has been imperfectly, but faithfully, applied by every prior administration — has broken down,” Rice said at an event hosted by American University in Washington, D.C.

So, what Rice, and others, are complaining about is that the Trump Administration is dismantling the mess they made that ensures endless wars in a part of the world that was once seen as necessary to control due to energy needs. Now that we are essentially energy independent, the system that was used since 1947 is no longer needed since all it ever did was produce the same results, and one of those was most assuredly not peace.

Her comments came a day after Bloomberg News reported that Trump has ordered a significant staff cut at the National Security Council. The news outlet noted the NSC grew under former President Obama and that about 310 people work there now.

Rice said it was her understanding that under former national security advisor John Bolton, who left the administration last month, “there were very, very few” meetings of the Principals Committee, which meant “that the best information was not being brought to the table and shared and factored into the decision-making process.”

That was the old way of doing things. The new way is actually yielding the results long promised by professional politicians who profited from the way the old system worked.

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