Teachers Have No Chance With Handguns, AR-15 Bullets Are Faster Say Liberal Experts


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WOW! If you have ever wondered what exactly someone means when they use the term “A special kind of stupid” you have to watch the video below… If you don’t have a clear understanding what a special kind of stupid is after watching this, then… Well, you might just be a special kind of stupid. LOL

I don’t expect any of my readers to fall into that category though with exception of the trolls looking for an argument, or rather someone to sling insults and vulgar names at because they have no intelligent debate or argument to make.

The woman in this video, Stephanie Ruhle, starts out with her PowerPoint graphics giving you what she clearly thinks is an intelligent comparison of the AR-15 to a revolver and then a semi-auto handgun, explaining how each of them works in a manner that is supposed to make the audience think how stupid someone must be to think you could challenge someone with an AR-15 with a handgun.

When she is done with her PowerPoint presentation, just when you are thinking to yourself that this could get no more ridiculously stupid, she introduces some clown by the name of Malcolm Nance who is a “Navy veteran” and terrorism expert.

They then begin a discussion on how stupid it is for someone to think school teachers should be armed and even manage to bring Ivanka Trump into the mix by showing a clip of her being interviewed repeating what her father, President Trump has been saying… That if a teacher is well trained, adept at using a firearm, and WANTS to be armed then it should be an option they explore.

When Stephanie ask Malcolm what he thinks of that idea, his response is that it is the stupidest thing he has ever heard. He goes on to explain the reasons being that it is not like in the movies, the first thing you don’t expect is the loud noise of being shot at in a classroom, he says the noise is like being ice picked in the ear or something of that nature…

Well, for all the SWAT training he claims to have, he does not seem to take into the account of how adrenaline affects us in those circumstances… The fight or flight impulse takes over everything and when you are unable to flee, you fight or you die… When you find yourself in those situations, it can feel as if time stands still and the noise in the heat of the moment is the last thing on your mind when the survival instinct kicks in… You might be deaf when it’s over, but it will not be on your list of concerns at the time.

And the one HUGE factor they never mention is that in spite of all the risk one might be able to think of as to why a teacher, trained or not should not be armed, is that the situation is occurring like it or not and regardless of what is taking place, you are much better off with a gun when some kid comes rushing in your classroom intent on killing everyone that moves… I don’t know how many noticed, but everyone seemed to have the wherewithal to start filming the shooter with their cell phones… Imagine if all those lenses could fire a projectile… Even if it was slower than the one the bad guy was shooting. (Yes, there is some sarcasm in that statement. :-))

I don’t know how all you feel, though I would love to hear from you, but I would MUCH rather have a firearm in my hand when some crazed kid enters my classroom than a cell phone. Oh, and I know several Marines that have gone into teaching careers, so there plenty of qualified teachers out there that could be responsibly armed.

I suppose there will always be those that would rather die waiting for a police officer with the cojones to challenge the crazed kid shooting everyone… I’m not one… Are you?

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  1. Automatic pistols have different speeds for different bullets, and there are bullets that can do more damage. A lot of the police officers prefer the .40 caliber pistol. I was in the service and carried a .45 caliber pistol. You are just putting up statistics for just two weapons, it is not sure what weapons are going to show up. They are talking about a qualified, trained teachers. They are not supposed to go after the shooter but to stay in the room, sit behind a desk and shoot if he comes in.

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  3. Seriously! Fake news is evil news and supports Democrats agenda, of which is also evil, it all makes sense!

  4. God these Ppl are morons. I swear these liberal networks must spend millions on finding just that right person who will back them up & read from scripts.

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