The Human Cost Of An Open Border Highlighted When 88 Illegals Found In Truck


The open southern border between the United States and Mexico really needs to be closed. That is no great secret. One reason is drug smuggling, another is gun running to the Mexican drug cartels. There are also so many people that sneak across the border including those who wish to do us harm. But, there are also those who make money smuggling people into the United States in the back of semi trucks. They are known as coyotes, and their cargo has been known to perish in high temperatures.

This comes to mind with the news from Texas, that such a transport was stopped, and the illegal cargo fled the scene on its own accord.

A major bust of illegal aliens has occurred in South Texas where a stunning 88 of the would-be federal criminals were found stuffed inside of a semi truck’s tractor-trailer near Raymondville in the Rio Grande Valley on Tuesday night….

According to a report from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas State Highway Patrol pulled over the semi during a routine traffic stop in the northbound lane of Highway 77 after cargo from the vehicle was seen by a trooper hanging out of the back of the trailer.

This raised the suspicions of the State Highway Patrol, who then called in routine back-up to examine the vehicle as it passed through the limits of Raymondville.

Upon an attempt to search the trailer, illegal aliens began to jump out of the back entryway and escape the scene.

Officers pursued those who tried to flee and later arrested them for fleeing and eluding law enforcement.

In total, police say that 88 illegal aliens were found inside the tractor-trailer, and now the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency will begin to investigate the destination in which the semi was headed as well as its point of origin, to determine whether this was a human smuggling effort or connected to a cartel transport.

Why these people were being transported is still being investigated, and those who have been previously deported will most likely be again, but this incident is one of many that firmly demonstrates why we need a secure southern border. There are actors out there who want illegals in the country for some reason. That reason or reasons cannot be good for the nation.

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  1. How come they all look so well fed when they come here. Always saying there is no money, no jobs, no opportunities, yet they are all well fed. Then where does the money come from that they pay people to bring them here? We’re talking thousands of dollars. It’s all lie’s, people.

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