The Nutty Ninth Circus Has Shocked The Liberal Loons With 2nd Amendment Ruling

The Nutty Ninth Circus Has Shocked The Liberal Loons With 2nd Amendment Ruling

WOW, talk about good news! The Nutty 9th has shot down the communist view of a lower court that the 2nd Amendment only protects your right to carry at home… Something that anyone with a third-grade reading level knows is total BS!

There are not too many states that do not allow open carry because even the ones that believe we need permission from the government to carry a concealed firearm understand that the 2nd Amendment gives every American the right to own and carry a firearm.

The case that made it to the 9th Circus began when a resident of Hawaii named George Young was twice denied a permit to carry a handgun. After being denied both times in 2011 he began working the case through the courts. The lower courts ruled that the Constitutional right guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment only protects our right to bear arms when we are at home.

The ruling by the Nutty 9th states in part:

“Analyzing the text of the Second Amendment and reviewing the relevant history, including founding-era treatises and nineteenth-century case law, the panel stated that it was unpersuaded by the county’s and the state’s argument that the Second Amendment only has force within the home.” 

Well DUH! No kidding the 9th Circus finally got something right… I would be remiss though if I did not point out that it is no mistake that the 9th Circus is making pro 2nd Amendment rulings now… President Trump has been flooding the courts with judges that understand their proper role is to interpret the law, not make the law… The kind of judges that rule based on law and not their emotions or personal beliefs…

There was one liberal dissent on the three-judge panel who wrote in his dissent:

“States have long allowed for extensive regulations of and limitations on the public carry of firearms.”

Just because something has been long allowed does not mean it is right… Liberals have taken the idea that the government can regulate Constitutional rights if it is in the best interest of the public way too far for way too long. It reminds me of this saying:

“A tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny, and it is useless for the innocent to try by reasoning to get justice, when the oppressor intends to be unjust.”

Naturally, the liberal communist clowns from Hawaii are not happy about the ruling. The pain in the arse Attorney General for Hawaii that has been hassling President Trump non-stop over the travel ban said:

“We are disappointed in the decision that would undermine Hawaii’s strong gun control law and our commitment to protect the public.”

What he doesn’t mention is that there is no data anywhere that supports the idea that depriving a law-abiding citizen of their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms presents a threat to the public… In fact, armed citizens are credited with saving many more lives that they have taken.

As the saying goes… I wonder what part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED they don’t understand. 🙂

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