The Similarities Between Wild Animals And Crooked Politicians When Trapped

In the recent days as more information has been revealed about the corruption that took place within the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Department of Justice, we have seen some of the key players involved lash out… Like rabid animals.

For those that may not be up to speed on all of those whose conduct is in question, we are talking primarily about those at the highest levels within the FBI and DOJ. While many in the mainstream media, including Fox News, like to always add the caveat that they are not talking about the rank and file when they are critical of the FBI and DOJ, I am not so entirely sure about that and have written an entire article on it. You can follow this hyperlink to the story if interested.

The gist of my doubt though is based on the fact that we have seen not a single rank and file member step forward to speak out about the conduct of those on the 7th floor of the Hoover Building where the management team resides. We have seen many retired and former Agents speak out and express their disgust, but no one within has said a word. Men as honorable as they like to hold themselves up as would not sit idly by while the things we have seen take place, take place.

I also take into account that the entire 7th Floor was made up of career Agents. Agents that had nearly two decades or more experience working within the FBI and to me that would indicate that we are dealing with a cultural thing rather than a corrupt appointee. Clearly, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Page have demonstrated an arrogance and abuse of their authority that was learned… They felt comfortable and confident doing the things they did as if they had done such things many times before.

So let’s have a look at how some of the key players have been lashing out recently as we see the evidence of wrongdoing begin to not only point their way, but the investigation itself has turned toward them.

The first example we will look at is a Tweet by John Brennan who has become increasingly apoplectic as the Congressional Investigators get closer to obtaining the unredacted documents that will implicate him.

The above Tweet was sent out by him following the release of the Majority Leaders Report on their investigation into the so-called “Trump Collusion” investigation that turned up ZIP raising suspicions over just why an investigation was started against the President to begin with.

As someone who has lived in a number of large cities around the world like Paris, Beijing, and the SWAMP itself but now lives in a quiet rural American town, I have seen how politicians act when cornered as well as how a wild animal acts when cornered and I can tell you with great confidence, there is not much difference.

When a wild animal is cornered, you witness the fight or flight response that all animals, including us humans have coded into our DNA like it or not. If they can find a way to escape, they will choose that option, but when cornered, wild animals and us humans alike will fight for our lives with everything we have and there are many documented incidents of people demonstrating amazing strength when overcome with adrenaline. In the country where I live, people know not to corner a wild animal… Unless you intend on killing it—because the danger is real.

Well, when President Trump sent out his Tweet demanding that an investigation into the FBI and DOJ be conducted based on the evidence that his campaign was infiltrated and surveilled for political purposes, John Brennan and some of the other top-level officials at the time blew a fuse big time.

Here are the Tweets from them in response to the President’s demand:

Since when is knowing the truth disastrous to our Republic… Note that the Communist Brennan thinks we are a Democracy.

James Clapper does not have an official Twitter account, but he is working as a talking head for CNN now and has made a slew of ignorant and incriminating comments. Have a look:

Here we have another one involved who somehow sees the truth being revealed as an assault on our independence. That concept itself goes against everything our free Republic should represent, but even of more concern, this man is justifying spying on a political campaign… But of course he is going to justify it, he is going to be directly implicated. Is there anyone with a sliver of honesty in them that believes they would feel that way had the Obama Campaign been under surveillance? Or suppose, the Trump Administration decides to place spies in the opposition’s campaign during the 2020 election? If every American cannot see the danger in having a sitting administration, regardless of party, planting spies in the opposing campaign this Republic will not stand much longer.

In the video below we have Sally Yates, the former acting U.S. Attorney General declaring President Trump has launched an all-out assault on the rule of law:

Well, of course, Sally Yates is going to say such a thing… She knows that evidence of her wrongdoing has already surfaced and that if a real investigation is conducted she will find orange jumpsuits her favorite new fashion.

There is one more person I want to make note of here and that is James Comey. He just completed his book tour a couple weeks ago and has been surprisingly quiet here the past week as we have seen all of this new evidence being uncovered. Word is he has finally realized he better lawyer up, so he did… His layers are a couple of clowns that are going to find themselves in a jam too since Comey is known to have released classified material to them… Well, he calls them personal notes now but once called they copious notes he took to memorialize the meetings… Sure thing Jimmy…

I thought I would share one of his last Tweets on his Twitter account. It’s kind of comical after what the above parties have had to say recently.

The funny thing is, it’s all those tough questions and constant contradictions he made to the free and open press that is going to play a major role in putting him behind bars. That is of course provided we eventually see some actual justice come from all of this.

If those involved are permitted to get away with the things they have done, someone can tell George Washington we have lost our Republic… We weren’t able to keep it!

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