This Guy Is Awesome: Zach Hing Claims White Privilege In America Does Not Exist


Candace Owens released an extraordinary video showing her support for President Trump and a supportive tweet from Kanye West.

Zach Hing released a video last Tuesday on the myth of white privilege in America.
The video already has 179,000 views on YouTube.
(It’s a bit surprising that YouTube has not yet banned it?)

Zach Hing implied that there is no existence of “white privilege“ in America, yet clarifying why Asians are the most affluent race in America nowadays.

“Why are we the most affluent race? It comes down to simple choices and economics that determine the possibility of a good and fulfilling and well-paying career over time. In terms of education, this is where our stereotype comes into the mix. We study hard, we work hard, we go to good schools, and despite affirmative action plans that have been put into place to make the barrier to entry more difficult for Asians, we still get into these schools. We still get good jobs… I don’t care about being politically incorrect.”

Zach is a member of the #WalkAway movement.

He understands the BS the left is pushing and he is not afraid to speak out about it.

The Trump News Gazette

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