This Is The Governor Who Announced He Would Support Assault Weapon Ban


For the first time this Sunday, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) released a statement in which he said he would support a ban on assault weapons.

“Everybody wants to keep themselves and their families safe,” Bullock said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

For a long time, Bullock has been a loyal and committed supporter of the Second Amendment and Montana’s gun laws. Recently though, he expressed his approval for universal background checks, as well as support for a widespread ban.

This sudden change of the governor’s attitude on gun control is considered by many as an indication that he may be gearing up for a presidential run.

Democrats have requested assault weapon ban and other widespread gun control policies in the wake of the string of mass shootings at schools earlier this year, despite attempts to pass legislation have fizzled over the summer.

“I’ve had to lower the flag 13 times for mass shootings since I’ve been governor. The first time was one too many,” Bullock wrote in an op-ed earlier this year.

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  1. Montana is hardly a state where gun control is likely to be popular. Largely rural, and an area where hunting is popular, and where police response times are rather long outside main cities, the larges of which most of use would call ‘small towns’, means people have to rely on themselves for personal safety, and to protect their property, and livestock. I don’t think this stance is going to be popular with the people.
    Just WHAT is this guy smoking?

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