Three States Cancel 2020 Republican Primaries

Such is the confidence that President Donald J. Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for his office in 2020, three states worth of Republican Party officials have declared that they are not going to bother holding primaries.

The Republican parties in South Carolina and Nevada announced Saturday that they would not be holding their presidential nominating contests in 2020, and all Republican delegates will be committed to President Trump. They join the Kansas Republican Party, which confirmed on Friday that it will not hold its caucuses in 2020.

This has happened before. In 2004, a number of states canceled their primaries on the assumption that President George W. Bush would win re-election.

All other states have until October to declare their intentions vis-a-vis the primary process.

States have until October to submit their delegate selection rules to the Republican National Committee, and several more state Republican parties could vote to cancel their nominating contests before the deadline….

In many cases, the state party has to pay to hold its primaries or caucuses. So if there is an incumbent with considerable support, then the party is inclined not to incur the costs of putting on an expensive primary. According to a Nevada GOP spokesperson, the state party would save nearly $150,000 if it cancels the caucuses for the 2020 cycle.

The Trump campaign has sent people to the states to observe their processes, but still, but Republican Party rules whether or not to hold primaries is up to the state parties themselves. In this case, the candidate is so popular that there is no one announcing against the president who has a chance. Period. That is getting to be very obvious.

His approval ratings are running at 88% among Republicans and so long as the economic train keeps gathering steam and chugging along, those numbers are going to remain high.

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