Tim Allen Lampoons ABC In First Episode Of The Fox Version Of Last Man Standing

For the segment of the American public that actually still watches television, Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” was nirvana. It’s a show about a guy, Mike Baxter, who is a partner in a sporting goods store who lives with his wife and two youngest daughters, none of whom are anything other than girly girls. The oldest daughter was living the age-old story of got pregnant in high school, married the father, raising the kid, etc.

Fortunately, the grandson spends a lot of time with the Tim Allen character.

“Last Man Standing” had great ratings and had to be a money maker for the original sponsoring network, ABC. And yet they canceled the show, presumably because the Tim Allen character comes out as a Donald Trump supporter.

Politics over profits, huh. How self-righteous of the executives.

Well, even in syndication “Last Man Standing” is proving to be a very popular show. That being the case, Fox picked it up, and the new season starts this fall. Word is during the first episode, Allen pokes at ABC without using the name to the wife character played by Nancy Travers.

Now, a promo for season seven of this show has been released and fans were overjoyed to see that Allen took the opportunity to bash the liberals who canceled the show in the first place.

Esquire reported that in the promo, Baxter’s son asks, “Why would they cancel a popular show that everybody loves?” 

“Maybe they’re a bunch of idiots!” Allen’s character replies, before turning to his wife and saying, “Am I wrong, or is it, like, way better on this network?”

That is sure to have the liberal executives at ABC fuming! Keep in mind that it was these same executives who abruptly canceled “Roseanne” months after they canceled “Last Man Standing.” 

That’s quite a track record they have over there. Cancel cash cows because of politics.


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  1. I LOVE “LAST MAN STANDING” !! Am going to watch Marathon of same today…..reruns, I know…..BUT I LOVE EM !! Thanks to FOX for picking up the show…..BEST SHOW ON TV !!! Mareman

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