Tom Arnold Finally Got The Attention He Should…From The Secret Service!

The president may have changed, but Americans are still not allowed to suggest violence against him.

That’s the lesson Tom Arnold, former Mr. Roseanne Barr, learned from the Secret Service. They paid him a visit after he sent out this rather ill thought out tweet.

“I say put up or shut up @realDonaldTrump Me vs You. For America. First body slam wins. Any Rally. Any Time. Between now & the midterms,” Arnold wrote at the time.


In the course of another investigation, leftist agitating publication Mother Jones found a video of the USSS and Arnold.

Which prompted Mr. Arnold to issue a statement.

“Thank you David Corn for your fine work as always. Thank you US Secret Service for risking your lives keeping democracy safe,” Arnold said in a statement. “I appreciate you coming to my home on what must’ve been a busy day. I heard your message loud & clear. Words matter. Tone matters. Words can incite violence. Be responsible.”

Now, if the Secret Service would be so kind as to pay Maxine Waters a visit…


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  1. Seriously? He got a visit for that post?

    If there is anything more pussified and subservient than leftists whining for safe spaces, it is conservatives applauding the boot on one’s neck.

  2. The Secret Service did not go far enough when somebody threatens to Bali harm of the president of the United States I shouldn’t pay with jail time

  3. From his babbling, I would guess that the USSS scared the shit out of him. Like they said, “You’re free to say anything you want, as long as you don’t say anything that might be construed as a threat of bodily harm to the President.

  4. you see how the chicken shit reeled it in with the officers what a phony SOB they need to take him to jail if it was obama they would have

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