Traitor Turned Wannabe Senator Chelsea Manning Tweets Jab At President

It’s bad enough that this confused kid was pardoned and released from prison some twenty years ahead of time thanks to President Obama, but for some bizarre reason, he wants to keep himself in the spotlight now.

Perhaps the government caving into paying for his freakish desire to change his sex from being a boy to a girl emboldened him to think he can have his way by flaunting his freakish perversion or maybe managing to actually find people who would support his run for Senator in the State of Maryland has him thinking he will find support in everything he does.

Well, back in February the former intelligence analyst who was sentenced to 35-years behind bars for turning over the nation’s secrets to WikiLeaks, sends out this Tweet:

It turns out that the confused shemale didn’t think that Tweet through. Many people on Twitter were quick to point out to him just what his world would be like without a President:

That started an avalanche of similar tweets like the ones below:

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Most people would be able to pick up on the hint and keep their thoughts to themselves after a bombardment like this, but as I’m sure everyone knows… You can’t fix stupid and this kid is still running around doing and saying stupid things…

The really scary thing is this freakshow idiot has 322,000 followers… Yes, that is no typo… Three-hundred and twenty-two followers…

God help America!

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