Trouble In Paradise For The REAL Russian Colluder Robert Mueller

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WOW, well what do you know… It looks like the proverbial pot has been calling the kettle black. Tucker Carlson is always saying that if the Democrats are accusing you of something it’s because that’s what they are doing and it looks like he is right this time for sure.

John Solomon who writes for The Hill and often appears on the Sean Hannity show has uncovered some pretty shady stuff on Robert Mueller and unlike the liberal media that has nothing but unanimous sources that no one can identify his story is complete with actual witnesses with first-hand knowledge and he gives names.

It turns out that in September 2016 right before the Presidential election, a Russian Oligarch by the name of Oleg Deripaska was approached by three FBI agents who spoke to him About the Trump Campaign secretly colluding with Russia to hijack the U.S. election.

That in itself may not seem strange, but here is the kicker… The FBI’s relationship with Oleg Deripaska goes back to at least 2009 when Mueller was running the FBI. In 2009 Mueller’s FBI was trying to secure the release of retired FBI Agent Robert Levinson, who is being held hostage in Iran to this day. He was captured in 2007.

In 2009 Mueller’s FBI convinced Deripaska to spend roughly $25 million of his own money on a rescue operation supervised by the FBI to get Levinson back. Solomon says that this story is confirmed by more than a dozen people both inside and outside the FBI. These people include Deripaska, his attorney, the Levinson family, and the agent who supervised the mission. Mueller was fully aware of everything.

There were a number of meetings with Deripaska by FBI agents around the world in places like Vienna Paris, Hungary, and Washington, D.C… Guess who one of the agents that helped convince Deripaska to fund this operation was? If you guessed Andrew McCabe, the recently fired in disgrace Deputy Director of the FBI give yourself a pat on the back… Starting to sound suspicious yet?

What is really strange about this use of Deripaska is that he actually had the release of Levinson arranged on more than one occasion. They actually had a plane ready to go in Iran waiting for him to board, but for some unknown reasons, the then State Department run by none other than one Hillary Clinton ran interference and screwed up the release. Does anyone want to bet it’s because Hillary wanted to be paid before giving the green light?

According to Robyn Gritz, the retired FBI Agent who was supervising the Levinson case:

“We tried to turn over every stone we could to rescue Bob, but every time we started to get close, the State Department seemed to always get in the way,”

“I kept Director Mueller and Deputy Director [John] Pistole informed of the various efforts and operations, and they offered to intervene with State, if necessary.”

Solomon reports that the FBI ended the operation with Deripaska in 2011 because they were afraid his contacts in Iran could not deliver with all the U.S. Infighting. Levinson remains a hostage to this day and mysteriously was not included in the release that Obama paid Iran more than a billion dollars in cash for before leaving office.

So, now that you have an overview of the Russian Connection with Mueller, Comey, and McCabe, if you did not recognize Deripaska name, he is also the Russian Oligarch that is Mueller’s key witness against Paul Manifort. He is the same FBI informant who laughed at them in September 2016 when they suggested President Trump was colluding with Russia to steal the election.

This entire investigation is total BS! It really amounts to a coup d’etat and those involved need to be held accountable for the millions of taxpayer dollars wasted and for attempting to overthrow a duly elected President.


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  1. all these “investigations are is,,C.Y.O.A. make sure everyone is covered with enough lies so NOBODY goes to jail,,i have a problem with that,,somewhere ,,gooly where was it,,it says,,NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW..i have the problem of,,if the democrats,,,obama, holder, lynch, meuller come and more are the only ones that seem to be connected with the russian and all the evidence already collected,,WHY is meuller still going on and on and on,,why arent there people,,be issued warrants for their arrests,,why arent therre trials , why arent there prisoners ??NOBODY IS ABOVE the law,,unless you head the investigations into your own peoples criminal acts,,it is like holder investigating himself..and there has to be some tresonious acts in there smewhere,,and sedition for sure,,i also read,,a criminal in a suit is far more dangerous that a thug on the street,,that i believe,,look how many people are dead with connection directly to the clintons,,and obams is starting his own little group,,deep state..well, i guess that name is better ,,,for him,,,than deep throat

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