Trump Administration Eyeing California’s Homeless Problem

Sometimes the parents just have to take control and deal with the kids for their own good.

In California, former land of plenty and place that just about everyone wanted to live, that means the federal government, the Trump Administration, intervening in the homeless situation in that state. Frankly, it has gotten out of control and with a rat infestation problem, and a typhus epidemic on their hands, public officials in Los Angeles need help whether they want it or not.

Earlier this week, the Trump people took a field trip to get it all started.

The Trump administration officials who came to town to study homelessness spent Monday and Tuesday meeting with officials from Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office, checking out the Jordan Downs public housing in Watts and touring the long-entrenched epicenter of the crisis, skid row. There was even a trek to Pomona.

An administration official said the purpose was to gather information so that President Trump could begin to develop a plan to address the “tragedy.”

Naturally, the public officials in California made suggestions as to what sort of help they were looking for, not necessarily what they really need, though.

“[Trump] could start by ending his plans to cut food stamps, gut health care for low-income people, and scare immigrant families from accessing government services,” spokesperson Nathan Click said.

Of course. The same solutions to the problems that got the people of California into this mess.


But the moonbats weren’t done.

A day earlier, the chief of state and federal affairs for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti revealed the Trump delegation’s visit, saying it was an opportunity for the city to explain “our strategic plan around homelessness and sanitation deployment and Skid Row engagement.”

“They’re just not thoughtful, and quite frankly not smart enough, to know what we’re doing,” Garcetti aide Breelyn Pete said at a POLITICO event.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, who is co-chairing a Newsom task force on homelessness and has grappled with a growing homeless population in his city, said in a statement, “I am wary of any such offer from an administration that consistently demonizes vulnerable people. And yet, if the federal government wants to offer resources to help bring people indoors and to offer federal facilities to shelter and house people, we should readily listen. We cannot afford to politicize an issue which needs real thought and real commitment.”

Other mayors contending with spiking homeless populations said the reported administration effort was the wrong approach. San Francisco Mayor London Breed in a statement urged “federal support and resources to build more housing for people living on our streets” rather than “simply cracking down on homelessness without providing the housing that people need.”

Notice no mention of jobs, being self-sufficient, drug rehabilitation, mental health treatment reform, or any of the topics that really will make a difference.

Nope. All California wants is to see the money.

Trump doesn’t operate that way. They know it, too.

Now they’re going to find out how a master negotiator makes things happen.

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