Trump Administration Eyes Eliminating Major Federal Agency

To the eternal frustrations of frugal conservatives in America, despite promises time after time to shrink the size of government, it never happens. Ever. Once a government agency is put into place it never goes away. It might go under another agency or be moved to another department, but none of them ever seem to go away.

The Trump Administration seeks to end that trend with the elimination of the Office of Personnel Management, a Carter Era creature, thus showing the way for other departments no longer needed to be shown the door.

The agency would be pulled apart and its functions divided among three other departments. An executive order directing parts of the transition by the fall is in the final stages of review, administration officials said, with an announcement by President Donald Trump likely by summer. OPM employees were briefed at a meeting in March.

For Trump, the breakup of the 5,565-employee federal personnel agency would offer a jolt of bureaucratic defibrillation to a slow-to-change workforce that the president and his top aides have targeted as a symptom of a sluggish, inefficient government.

The experiment will be closely watched not just on Capitol Hill, but also by other agencies that could be next.

“It’s a big, exemplary step,” Margaret Weichert, deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget and acting OPM director, said in an interview. She characterized the agency created to oversee the civil service in 1978 as “fundamentally not set up for success, structurally.”

Of course, for Democrats, this move is decried on the basis of dictatorship resulting in absurd hyperbole.

“Does anyone really think that if tomorrow the president said, ‘I’m dismantling DOD, and I think Ben Carson over at HUD can handle procurement and Betsy DeVos over at Education can handle the Army,’ that it would fly through?” asked Rep. Gerald Connolly, D-Va., chairman of a House Oversight Committee panel on government operations.

This is what happens when a businessman is actually in charge of government – he finds the inefficiencies and seeks to eliminate them thus saving taxpayers money.

It’s about time a national leader actually did that.

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