Trump Administration Pulls Bait And Switch On House Democrats

Wow, are the people sent to the House of Representatives from the Democrat Party gullible.

On Wednesday, after the White House was asked to produce documents related to the Ukraine call and any knowledge the people at the White House might have in relation to Ukranian interference in the 2016 election, the White House produced, all right. They sent documents up to Capitol Hill outlining Hillary Clinton’s collusion with the Ukrainians during that time period.

The president’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, appeared on Sean Hannity’s program to explain.

It’s hard to maintain a straight face knowing the Trump Administration snookered the House Democrats.

“I have six witnesses who can give direct admissible evidence of Ukrainian collusion, not Russian collusion, participation in the Steele dossier with phony information, the creation of false evidence, and a very clear corruption scheme by the vice president of our United States and that has to be vindicated and all of it was exposed before he was a candidate for president and it’s not because he’s a candidate of president, but because we had a corrupt, disgraceful vice president who disgraced our country in the Ukraine, and in China and they are still talking about how corrupt he is and stupid we are for not catching it. It has to be vindicated for the honor of the United States of America. He disgraced us. And if you don’t react to that, you have no sense of honor or dignity,” Giuliani said Wednesday.

Oops. Well, it looks like Sleepy Joe Biden is more of a crook than most of us thought.

And now, the world knows that the Trump Administration knows and doesn’t approve.

How delicious is that?

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