Trump Administration Turns Attention To Welfare

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Government providing succor to those in need was really never part of the initial American plan. That was meant to be handled by social welfare agencies funded by wealthy benefactors and the Church. In the last fifty years, that social model was turned inside out, and now the United States has a bit of a mess on its hands. The Feds provide money that is administered by the states, and the states are seeing a lot of abuse that the Fed is not always keen on stopping.

With the Donald Trump Administration, that may change. According to one anonymous government official, the concept of drug testing some people on food stamps is being considered.

An administration official briefed on the plan says it would be narrowly targeted, applying mostly to people who are able-bodied, without dependents and seeking some specialized jobs. The official says roughly 5 percent of participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program could be affected.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

Five percent is barely a dent in the number of people on the dole who really don’t need to be, but it is a start. There is no question that there are people who do need assistance, but if one can work, and is a skilled worker of some sort, and cannot find employment in that field, those people better not be wrecking their brains and bodies with substances that can kill them.

Some states have wanted to test for drugs for quite a while, but the strings on the federal money can make that goal unreachable. The Trump Administration, the people who are hell-bent on sealing the southern border to help stop the flow of illegal narcotics and addressing the opioid problem that is killing many a young person in this country, have no qualms at least looking into the possibility.

Watch this one for movement. It may happen yet.

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