Trump Calls Out “Lightweight” Minneapolis Mayor

Maybe Minnesota isn’t out of reach after all.

A Trump campaign rally, the mainstay of his political style, is in the works at Target Center arena in Minneapolis for Thursday, and the Mayor of that – as it turns out – not so fair city has decided that security would not be provided by the host law enforcement.

That led to a twitter targeting by members of the Trump Administration including The Donald himself.

Trump signaled Tuesday morning he still plans to show up, tweeting: “Someone please tell the Radical Left Mayor of Minneapolis that he can’t price out Free Speech. Probably illegal! I stand strongly & proudly with the great Police Officers and Law Enforcement of Minneapolis and the Great State of Minnesota! See you Thursday Night!”

He tweeted earlier that the “lightweight mayor is hurting the great police and other wonderful supporters. 72,000 ticket requests already. Dump Frey and Omar! Make America Great Again!”

And then from the campaign manager:

As it happens, there is a feud in the northern Mississippi Valley bastion between the mayor and the police union.

The reference to police may have to do with a recent ban against officers wearing their uniforms while supporting candidates at events or in advertisements. Lt. Bob Kroll, head of the police union, told Fox News that he found out about the ban soon after Trump announced the rally. Kroll told Fox News that “Cops for Trump” shirts that were made up in response are selling out. Proceeds for the shirts are going to police union charities.

And then there was the pricetag the mayor cited for security.

The $530,000 figure dwarfs the costs incurred by another Minnesota city for a 2018 rally. Last October’s event cost the city of Rochester $76,138, with the campaign paying $26,215 to hold the rally at the Mayo Civic Center.

A campaign statement also pointed out that when then-President Barack Obama held a rally at the Target Center in 2009, police estimated that costs amounted to approximately $20,000.

$530,000? Yep, Frey is a Democrat alright.

In the meantime, it looks like some of the rest of the blue wall is in play for 2020.

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