Trump Campaign Sues New York Times

President Donald Trump and the people who work for him have stepped up the war on fake news.

On Wednesday, the campaign for president filed a lawsuit in New York State against the New York Times for libel.

In the eight-page complaint, filed in the New York State Supreme Court, the campaign accuses the Times, with which Trump has repeatedly sparred, of harboring “extreme bias against and animosity toward” the president’s campaign and sought to sway the presidential election in November while publishing defamatory accusations “at the very least … with reckless disregard for the truth.”

In the op-ed in question, headlined “The Real Trump-Russia Quid Pro Quo,” author Max Frankel asserts in part that Trump’s 2016 campaign had an “overarching deal” with Russian President “Vladimir Putin’s oligarchy” in order to “help in the campaign against Hillary Clinton,” in exchange for “a new pro-Russian foreign policy, starting with relief from the Obama administration’s burdensome economic sanctions.”

The suit argues that the op-ed contradicts reporting published by the Times’ news division on the investigation into whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russian agents to interfere in the election.

Nothing like an opinion piece saying something different than facts reported at the same news organ.

“At the time the defamatory article was published, the public record, and the Times’ own reporting, had already confirmed what Robert Mueller would eventually conclude: that there was no ‘deal’ or ‘quid pro quo’ between the Campaign and Russia,” the complaint claims. “The Times and its writer, Mr. Frankel, consciously disregarded all such information.”

In a statement, the campaign’s senior legal adviser, Jenna Ellis, asserted that Frankel’s assertions “were and are 100 percent false and defamatory,” and that the Times published his piece knowing their inaccuracy “for the intentional purpose of hurting the campaign, while misleading its own readers in the process.”


One thing that is known about the president and his team, they will go to the mattresses for as long as it takes to expose those who knowingly break the law. If libel can be proven, the New York Times is in serious trouble despite the lies coming from an op-ed author. The editorial board still allowed it to be published.


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