Trump Derangement Syndrome Causes Man To Open Fire At Miami Golf Resort


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Good God, what is going on today? Has the news of Inspector General Horowitz report that resulted in criminal referrals against the liberal heroes that investigated Hillary Clinton cause the left to completely lose their minds?

Unless you live under a rock, you have surely heard about the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas this morning killing at least ten people, but have you heard about the whack job that opened fire at one of President Trump’s Golf Resorts in Miami, Florida?

Some moron that has been identified as Jonathan Oddi, walked onto the Trump National Doral Golf Club in Miami, Florida at about 1:30 a.m and snatched the American Flag from the flagpole before entering the hotel lobby.

When the 42-year-old Oddi gets in the lobby, he spreads the flag out over the counter, starts yelling a bunch of nonsense about President Trump, then proudly kills a chandelier or two and wounds the ceiling with a few stray rounds… Wait, it gets crazier…

After securing the ceiling and killing a few chandeliers, he wanders around the lobby waiting for the police to arrive. He apparently was not interested in hurting anyone inside the lobby but was definitely wanting to shoot it out with the police.

When police assembled at the scene, five officers engaged Jonathan Oddi exchanging gunfire. When the smoke cleared Oddi had been incapacitated but was still alive and taken into custody.

It is being reported that no one in the Trump family under Secret Service protection was at the resort or in the Miami area when the incident occurred. The Secret Service, as well as the FBI, will participate in the investigation conducted by the Miami Police to determine the shooter’s motive.

There is no immediate indication that this was any sort of terrorist attack, but as is routine, all possibilities will be explored and investigated.

Eric Trump wasted no time sending out a Tweet thanking the men and women of the Doral Police and Miami-Dade Police Departments:

Source: Shots fired at Trump golf club, suspect arrested by WFTS

The Trump News Gazette

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