Trump Lambasted ESPN And CBS Over Decision Not To Broadcast National Anthem

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Last night, the President was speaking during a fundraiser in Columbus for the Ohio Republican Party and once again addressed the National Anthem issue and is now going after the TV networks who have said they are not going to broadcast the Anthem during the games this season as well.

“We’re standing proudly for our great, beautiful, wonderful national anthem, which CBS, I just heard they joined the crew, and ESPN has decided not to broadcast, so they don’t have any controversy. Can you imagine that?”- “They’re not going to broadcast the national anthem, CBS, and ESPN, how do we like that, is that good?”

“So that’s CBS and ESPN folks, enjoy your television,” he said sarcastically.

Well, I don’t think that’s the solution that most Americans want. I mean, look, you have started the game off, you have two teams that are battling it out with each other, and you have this one moment when everyone comes together and says, before we fight each other on the field, we all acknowledge we are Americans, it’s a unifying moment, it just blows my mind when I hear people say: “It’s divisive.“

You’re right, but they aren’t coming together.

Also, to address an issue many viewers might have, Fox is also going to air a football game on Thursday’s as well. Fox will not broadcast the Anthem either, except for on special holidays like Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

They had all summer long to negotiate a deal with the players association, it should not be that difficult to find a solution, yet here we are going into another season. Last season they saw at least a 10% drop in ratings.

Last Sunday, I was watching the Blue Jays and Yankees here in New York, everyone stood for the Canadian and American National Anthem, not just the fans. I saw the players on both teams stand—the Blue Jays and the Yankees—nobody was kneeling!

Well, email us and tell us what you think, is this a good compromise, or are the networks making a mistake?

Let us know in the comments if this will affect your tuning into the NFL games this season!

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