Trump Rattles Liberals With One Request!

President Donald Trump is not going to take being investigated for “collusion” that did not happen lying down. On Monday, he blasted out a tweet indicating he would support additional investigations by the Justice Department based on the findings of the Robert Mueller Special Investigation.

That being the case, the long, national nightmare is nowhere close to being over. The Democrats, who stand to lose quite a bit given that the party itself is implicated in the spying that occurred on the Trump team, and the man himself, are squealing like stuck pigs when it comes to the accusation.

The president’s tweet comes following a week of mounting scrutiny on the attorney general for his testimony that “spying did occur” on the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

Democrats blasted Barr, and accused him of “peddling conspiracy theories.”

Maybe so, but there does seem to be evidence that this particular “theory” is based in more than just a little fact.

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page are currently the subject of a Justice Department inspector general investigation looking at potential misconduct in the issuance of those warrants. That review also reportedly is scrutinizing the role of an FBI informant who had contacts with Trump advisers in the early stages of the Russia investigation.

A person familiar with Barr’s thinking denied that the attorney general was trying to fuel conspiracy theories or play to the conservative base.

“When he used the word spying, he means intelligence collection,” the source told Fox News last week, also noting Barr’s history as a CIA analyst in the 1970s. “He wasn’t using it in the pejorative sense, he was using it in the classic sense.”

Carter Page is just one individual who was the subject of a potentially illegal surveillance warrant, too.

Far from the end of this whole fiasco, the Mueller Report finally being released, it is beginning to look like it is the start of something much bigger: an investigation into the Democrat Party itself for using government tools to spy on political opponents. That, in American life, is a big no-no.


  1. Used properly, with the correct timing, this could result in a landslide for a second Trump presidential term. Better yet, it could end with some notable Democrats in federal prison, where they belong for attempting to overthrow the government, violation of their oath, and malfeasance in office. I certainly hope that the AG will prosecute all those involved in this attempt to remove a duly elected president from office, by illegal, and unethical means.

  2. The dems love pulling their dirty undercover tactics but to be exposed that they pulled something dirty ——-they get up in arms and play innocent They are just like children that got caught in stealing or worse.!!!

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