Trump Signs Executive Order To Protect Medicare

Given the way the healthcare system is set up in the United States, one group or another is constantly worried about losing coverage. After all, the way the entire boondoggle has evolved once religious groups and non-profits were pushed out of the fore of the industry, Americans are dependent on others for the payment of expensive bills.

Senior citizens, those who have put in their time in the workforce and raising the next generations tend to be the most nervous about the potential of loss of coverage.

This week President Donald Trump signed an executive order designed to give that group peace of mind in their twilight years.

Trump, speaking for an hour at a campaign-style rally at a retirement community in Florida, offered few details on his executive order and spent most of his speech attacking the health policies of 2020 Democratic presidential contenders. He said as long as he’s president, “no one will lay a hand on your Medicare benefits.”

“Medicare is under threat like never before,” Trump told the crowd. “I will never allow these politicians to steal your health care and give it away to illegal aliens.”

Shortly after Trump’s speech, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said the president has “directed HHS to take a number of specific, significant steps that will meaningfully improve the financing of Medicare, advance the care American seniors receive from their doctors, and improve the health they enjoy.”

Azar said those steps including lowering costs in Medicare Advantage, allowing those beneficiaries to create savings accounts and accelerating access to the latest medical technologies after being approved by regulators.

This is quite a boon to millions of Americans dependent on federal dollars to finance their healthcare expenses.

Unlike younger generations on Medicaid and other federal assistance programs, seniors have earned the benefits that they receive. It is essential they not be given away to illegal aliens and those who have not worked or put in their time in the productive American social structure.

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