Trump Stuns Liberal Media With Another Putin Surprise

Talk about throwing gasoline on an oil fire.

On Thursday, with controversy still swirling following President Donald Trump not telling President Vladimir Putin to stick it when it comes to interviewing the Russian intelligence folks, Trump stirred the pot yet again by having National Security Advisor John Bolton invite Putin to Washington.

Ongoing talks are good, and when talking to adversaries it’s even better to be on home turf.

Why is this a problem?

But the plan swiftly set off alarm bells in Washington, especially among Putin’s apparent targets.

The first individual Putin voiced interest in questioning was Bill Browder, a prominent critic despised by the Kremlin for his role in pushing sanctions legislation around the world.

Browder, the CEO, and co-founder of Hermitage Capital has worked for years to advocate on behalf of his associate Sergei Magnitsky, whom he had hired to uncover massive financial fraud in Russia. Magnitsky died in Russian police custody nearly a decade ago, allegedly beaten to death. Browder later successfully pushed Russia sanctions legislation named after Magnitsky in the U.S. and beyond.

Browder, an American-born British citizen, noted to Fox News that Trump would not have “jurisdiction” over him.

Whatever. Putin and Trump have a lot to talk about including the price of energy as we are two of the world’s energy heavyweights.

This whole argument is getting ridiculous when the reality is that the Mueller investigation, on which all leftists have hung all of their collective hopes of being able to pin some crime on Trump, is increasingly looking like a hamster wheel to keep a bunch of democratic lawyers busy while other stuff happens in the background. The mainstream media is all but beating the drums of war, and the question is why would we do anything of the sort when the man in the Oval Office has never advocated that.

Time will tell.

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