Trump Tosses Dynamite Into Swamp With Liu Removal

It looks like things are starting to move in operation drain the swamp. On Tuesday, a former Assistant Attorney General who was nominated for a position at the Treasury was abruptly removed from consideration by President Donald Trump himself.

Jessie Liu, a known bottleneck in a number of prosecutions that always seemed to go the swamp’s way, has now been shuffled out of her position that was most likely one of the roadblocks President Trump faced in trying to pull any meaningful plugs on the dykes protecting the swamp.

The president’s move to withdraw Liu’s nomination comes just hours after four Justice Department lawyers quit following a move by senior leaders at the department to overrule the prosecutors’ judgment by seeking a lesser sentence for long-time Trump ally Roger Stone after he was found guilty of lying to Congress.

Liu is a former U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C., who before her nomination oversaw the prosecutions of Stone and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn over charges of false statements to the FBI….

Liu was also part of the Awan brothers case that was bargained down from felony charges, as well as other cases that resulted in slaps on the wrist for career bureaucrats.

The short version of the backstory is that on June 7th, 2018 an indictment of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Security Director James Wolfe was unsealed accusing Wolfe of leaking classified information, including the Carter Page FISA warrant application, to a reporter for the New York Times with whom he was alleged to be carrying on an affair.

When Wolfe was scheduled to go to trial, he threatened to call members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence as witnesses, implying some knew what he was doing. Wolfe was allowed to plead to one minor charge and got what amounted to a parking ticket for the same stuff that could send Roger Stone and Gen. Mike Flynn to prison for years.

As a result of Liu being gone, there will not be any explosive testimony in the Senate, but that may not be needed. The woman was working against President Trump. He and Attorney General William Barr now have a chance to put someone in place who will for FOR him.



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