Trump Tweet Explains A Lot About Judge Nap

Back in 2016, when the election was all the rage and television personalities were lining up pro and anti-Trump, one of the more ardent and prominent Trump fans was Fox News face Judge Andrew Napolitano. At some point, the man said something the powers that be didn’t want on the air, and he disappeared for a while. When he returned, Judge Nap was a changed man. Suddenly, the president could not do a darn thing right.

It was quite confusing.

Until Saturday evening.

After a wildly successful rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, out of the blue, President Donald Trump let the cat out of the bag.

Well, well, well, there is something that never leaked. No one at the White House ever gave away that Judge Nap lobbied for a spot on the Supreme Court.


Even more interesting was the tidbit that the judge sat on a New Jersey court, but never on a federal bench as Fox still would have us all believe.

And he seems to be best buds with openly out of the closet Shepard Smith who needs some sort of pardon?


Yes, this is all the height of gossip, but still, it’s darn intriguing, even to writers at the normally sober American Thinker.

Aha! Sorry, couldn’t resist that — it’s so seldom one gets to use aha, and for once, it actually applies. But seriously, folks (as a certain comedian used to say, who, by the way, like our president, could never get any respect, either), if true, Trump’s tweet does certainly provide motive for Judge Nap’s mysterious morphing from a Fox News fan of the president to a continually carping critic, without even a hint of explanation from the network. This is another example of how all these so-called “expert” observations we’re continually fed by the media are far too dependent on the personal feelings and attitudes of the so-called experts rather than being objective and fact-based. Moreover, Trump’s tweet shows the entire nation that Napolitano’s goodwill, even his on-air legal opinions, can be bought — not exactly a quality most presidents would look for in a Supreme Court appointee, is it?

No, being able to be bought off is not a trait anyone should have being on a federal bench, that is for sure.

But now, things are making sense vis a vis Judge Nap and his about-face. Turns out he can be two-faced. Good thing the president can resist such overtures.

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