Trump Waiving California Car Emissions Requirement

California, as states go, is in a class by itself. Not only is the place essentially a syphon for taxpayer dollars, and has a homeless and rat problem that makes most other locales look amazingly clean in comparison, but they somehow got a waiver under the Clean Air Act for tail pipe emissions. 

And they wonder why Los Angeles has a smog problem.

Well, President Donald Trump has decided to put an end to that with a surprise tweet announcing the end of the waiver in the face of new rules coming from the administration in regards to automobile safety and the like.

Why this is happening this way is being analyzed by the pundits.

Trump’s announcement indicates the White House is moving ahead with plans to split its auto emissions rule into two parts, a move seen as a way to speed up the process of finalizing the hotly debated deregulation. The final draft of the Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Rule was submitted to the White House in August.

The first section of the rule, which would formally revoke California’s preemption and waiver under the Clean Air Act, could be finalized as early as this week.

The administration has not yet announced the second part of the rule, which will include a final decision over what fuel efficiency levels to set emissions at starting in 2025. It’s expected the regulations will be much weaker than those proposed under former President Obama.

If it is bad for business, Trump just is not going to do it. His concern is making the bottom line work for taxpayers, not steal their cash via excessive regulations that really do nothing other than stifle business and innovation.

That is what regulations do.

The state of California, though, is most likely going to object to this move by the president as they had negotiated their waiver with the Obama Administration.

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