Trump’s First Nomination To Head The VA, Admiral Jackson, May Have Trouble Ahead

Admiral Jackson

Earlier this year, the name Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson came to the attention of Americans. At the time Admiral Jackson had the privilege of being the physician to the president. He was the person who walked into the White House press room and was all but given a proctology exam by the purveyors of fake news.

And then he was nominated for head of the VA.

And then, for the first time, allegations surfaced that Jackson was guilty of professional misconduct and driving while intoxicated.

Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, President Trump’s pick to lead the Veterans Affairs Department, has been accused of creating a hostile work environment, drinking while on duty and improperly prescribing drugs to staff during his time as White House doctor to two administrations, according to Montana Sen. Jon Tester.

Tester, the top Democrat on the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, detailed the allegations Tuesday in an interview with NPR’s All Things Considered.

“All I can tell you is we didn’t initiate this discussion,” Tester told host Ari Shapiro. “This discussion came when we were notified by folks who work with Adm. Jackson, folks in the military.”

Tester said more than 20 military employees disclosed the as-yet-unsubstantiated allegations to senators ahead of a hearing to debate his nomination to lead the VA. That hearing was indefinitely postponed to allow further investigation by the committee.

The allegations largely surround Jackson’s conduct while on overseas trips. “We were told stories where he was repeatedly drunk while on duty where his main job was to take care of the most powerful man in the world,” Tester said, noting the allegations reach back to the Obama administration. “That’s not acceptable.”…

Jackson also allegedly handed out drugs to staff during trips that involved several time changes.

“Most of them are the ones that make you want to sleep and then make you wake up,” Tester said. “These are basically doled out, and by the way, we had 20 military folks and retired military folks tell us these stories, these were doled out on overseas trips where there are a lot of time zone changes.”

All allegations at the time were described solely by Democrats. Republicans were not quoted.

And now, an official military inquiry is open regarding Jackson’s conduct.

That move came amid allegations of on-the-job drinking, improper handling of prescription drugs and abusive behavior towards subordinates from whistleblowers who reached out to senators in advance of planned confirmation hearings.

A spokesman for the Department of Defense’s Office of Inspector General confirmed Monday that officials have initiated an investigation into those charges, to see whether any punitive actions against Jackson may be warranted.

Remember, none of this surfaced until AFTER Jackson was nominated to head the Veterans Affairs Administration. That alone puts the allegation in the fishy category.

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