Trumps Hosting Holocaust Survivors Goes Largely Unnoticed By Media

Maybe it’s a jealousy thing, that the mainstream media seems to ignore all the inconvenient guests the president and first lady have hosted at the White House, but one admission is particularly glaring given the politically correct ramifications of the crowd.

Over a week ago, the Trumps hosted a Chanukah party at the White House and invited eight survivors of the Holocaust, and much of the mainstream media barely paid attention.

The first party began at around 4:00PM. President and First Lady Trump, Vice President and Second Lady Pence were joined on stage by a group of 8 Holocaust survivors from Brooklyn, New York. They were accompanied by Assemblyman Dov Hikind, and thanked the president for deporting Nazi guard Jakiw Palij from the United States.

Trump noted the survivors had each endured “evil beyond description”.

For their part, the survivors and those with them at the party were enthusiastic about the welcome.

The Jewish audience erupted into cheers – chanting “4 more years” – when Trump mentioned his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocate the U.S. Embassy there from Tel Aviv. Trump noted they should have said “6 more years”.

After the Menorah was lit, Hikind led the assembled crowd in the singing of ‘Al Hanisim’.

Trump is not the first president to host such gatherings at the White House. The tradition was started under President George W. Bush and has continued since. This time, though, it was made extra special by the survivors of the Holocaust, a group that is dwindling in number as the years pass and nature takes its course.



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