Trump’s Lead White House Lawyer Ty Cobb Is OUT And Replaced

Ty Cobb is OUT! President Trump will now be working with Emmet T. Flood, the veteran Washington legal representative who was on Bill Clinton’s legal team during his impeachment. Ty Cobb has been the long-time point lawyer dealing with the Special Counsel investigation and has decided to retire.

In a statement Ty Cobb said:

“It has been an honor to serve the country in this capacity at the White House, I wish everybody well moving forward.”

Mr. Flood is said to be well versed in the Swamp specific law the Trump team is dealing with and is expected to be more aggressive than Mr. Cobb, who advocated for a more toned down approach. Emmet Flood first spoke with the White House lawyers last summer about the President’s legal dilemma. His talks with them did not get far because Mr. Flood is not a big fan of President Trump’s New York legal representative, Marc E. Kasowitz, who was managing the president’s negotiations with the special counsel at the time.

It’s somewhat of a mystery at the moment why Emmet Flood decided to join the President’s legal team. But it is no surprise that the President would want a more aggressive team of attornies working for him.

Ty Cobb joined the White House legal team last summer when some of President Trump’s friends and advisers wanted him to fire the Special Counsel.

Mr. Cobb made it clear that the White House had no interest in firing Robert Mueller and the word was that Ty Cobb had threatened to quit if the President Fired Robert Mueller.

“There is not and will not be any consideration of terminating the special counsel, Bob Mueller,” Mr. Cobb said in an interview in October. “I think the path that he chose of trying to minimize conflict and maximize cooperation is one that benefits the country.”

Ty Cobb wasted no time turning records over to the Special Counsel they had requested after joining the President’s legal team, but there was a lot of tension between him and White House counsel, Donald McGahn.

McGahn thought Ty Cobb should have been more careful to review the files and asserted Executive Privilege, but Ty Cobb was afraid Robert Mueller was getting ready about to hit President Trump with a subpoena if he did not get what he requested.

Mr. Flood was on the team of attornies who represented President Clinton during his impeachment proceedings. He was not in the spotlight back then, but he did attend the Senate’s deposition of Mr. Clinton’s legal representative and confidant, Vernon E. Jordan Jr.

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