Trump’s Wall Makes The News…Finally

The mainstream news media and a number of “conservative” news pundits have openly ignored the reality that the promised border wall or barrier is actually being installed along the southern border we share with Mexico.

On Wednesday, when President Donald Trump went to the border near San Diego to get a look at his signature project, he actually put his signature on it, an event that various outlets magnified. This is how the New York Times chose to present the event.

One thing President Trump loves about his job is signing his name. He relishes signing executive orders, letters to foreign leaders and even red Make America Great Again hats. But on Wednesday, he signed a wall.

At the invitation of the team building his new barrier along the border, he affixed his distinctive signature to one of the steel slats that have risen just opposite Mexico in recent months, the most physical manifestation of what he plans to make his argument for a second term next year and, he hopes, his place in the history books.

President Trump has already earned his place in the history books, and all signs point to a second term all but in the bag so long as the voters show up next November. But the mainstream media can no longer deny or scoff at the notion that the thirty-foot high steel bollard barrier is being installed on the border. They were forced to admit it when they followed the president to the place.

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  1. The wall looks nice. It’s a shame the President had to go thru so much to get it started. The only reason the democrats didn’t want the wall was to get the illegal votes.

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