Tucker Carlson Explodes, Goes Off On Non-Citizen Lawyer

Fireworks went off on Fox News Monday night. Tucker Carlson’s guest for the evening was Mexican lawyer Cesar Vargas. Vargas now has a green card, but for many years he was an illegal thorn in the side of immigration hawks and he never seemed to get deported.

Well, the guy’s legal now, sort of, but still is spouting off all the crap about no person is illegal, and laws really shouldn’t be enforced of the people violating them do not think they are ethical…

Yeah, Tucker wasn’t having any of it.

“Let me explain our system to you because I know you are here illegally,” Carlson said. “You made a silly point, I destroyed it. Let’s get to the real meat of this debate which is, how actually does it help the citizens? … How does it help allowing criminals to go unpunished, or to escape federal law enforcement?”

“People voted for those laws and you’re now saying that it’s immoral to enforce them. So I guess I’m the one who believes in democracy, not you,” Carlson replied…..

“So why is this different,” he asked. “Because one is fashionable and helps the Democratic Party and the other is not. Right?”

When Vargas couldn’t provide a direct answer, the two debated whether or not illegal immigrants should enjoy constitutional rights in the U.S., or be allowed to collect money from entitlement programs.

“It goes to the concept of citizenship,” Vargas said. “As a nation, we have matured. From only free, landowner white people to now.”

“Don’t hit me with the race crap,” Carlson interrupted. “You have no right as a citizen of a country controlled by the conquistadors, you don’t get to lecture me.”

It’s that history of OTHER nations that always seems to be forgotten in this debate, isn’t it?

At any rate, Vargas has yet to denounce his Mexican citizenship and take an oath to be a citizen of the United States. He is not an American, and cannot claim the rights of one of us. Tucker pointed that out.

Too bad Vargas will never concede the point.

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  1. First of all, if nobody is illegal what would happen to me if I snuck into Mexico? I would be thrown in jail, so you first premise is wrong, Are you aware that most of the land grants in California were owned by Mexican, so take you white land owners and shove them.

  2. Ok they say humans are not illegal, I will go along with that but there’s such a thing as illegal resident. You know the ones who snuck across the border because they knew they couldn’t get in legally.

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