Tucker Carlson Nails Media Embarrassment On Russia Hoax

For two years, the mainstream media blathered on in hyperbolic fashion telling their audiences that any day now, the Robert Mueller investigation was going to find evidence, hard evidence, that somebody in Donald Trump’s campaign for president “colluded” with Russia to get him elected.

And then on Thursday, Attorney General William Barr released the findings of the investigation. It fell on the Washington media with a big thud even if they all tried to ignore the sound of their favorite story dying. There is no evidence that there was any collusion at all.

Thankfully, one media personality in Washington was brave enough to more or less tell the gaggle of dingbats to give it up.

In comments highlighted online by President Trump, Fox News host Tucker Carlson declared on his show Thursday night that the final report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is “perhaps the single most humiliating thing that has ever happened to the White House Press in the history of this Country.”

“So, after two long years, here we are. It’s hard to believe that any of it actually happened. Looking back, it was two years of unremitting, never diminishing hysteria about Russia,” Carlson’s said in a lengthy monologue Thursday. “It was a continuous wave of panic and superstition over unseen Slovak interference, all stoked by the very people we’re told are the most rational in our society.”

“It seems like a dream now, which actually it was,” said Carlson. “None of it was real. Nobody colluded with Vladimir Putin. Nobody changed vote totals or met secretly in Prague or had a pee tape, whatever that is. There was never a Russia conspiracy. Hillary Clinton wasn’t robbed of her rightful position by Julian Assange or Roger Stone or anyone else. Hillary lost the election because she was an entitled boor who didn’t run on anything. In the end, that’s what Robert Mueller proved.”

And that is what the mainstream media does not want to admit.

Here’s Tucker’s full monologue.



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