Twitter Tosses Alex Jones Off The Platform

He’s the guy who reinforces all the stereotypes about those who do not believe the narratives fed to the masses about historic events commonly labeled “conspiracy theorists.” His name is Alex Jones, he has his own media broadcasting empire (and a line of products that supplement his income), and on Thursday, Twitter banned him from the platform.

“Today, we permanently suspended @realalexjones and @infowars from Twitter and Periscope,” the company tweeted on Thursday. “We took this action based on new reports of Tweets and videos posted yesterday that violate our abusive behavior policy, in addition to the accounts’ past violations.”

Infowars did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Jones had approximately 900,000 followers on Twitter, while Infowars had around 430,000.

How did this come about? Jones thinks he knows.

Jones was reportedly banned for posting a video in which he confronted CNN reporter Oliver Darcy, an exchange in which he insulted Darcy’s appearance.

In a video posted to the Infowars website, Jones claimed he was banned for being willing to “speak the truth.” 

“I was taken down not because we lie but because we tell the truth and because we were popular,” Jones said. “And then when we ran into Oliver Darcy, who is the secret police captain, who admits he goes around and gets people like Infowars taken off other platforms, because we confronted that monster that has abused us and lied about us, attacked our speech, because of that they took us down.”

This now means that in order to actually access Jones and any of his programming, social media is out as a way to find him. He’s gone from all of them…all in the same week his cohort Jerome Corsi was supposed to talk to the Mueller Investigation about the 2016 election and refused to show up.


You’d think the guy who actually does act like a conspiracy nut would be given free reign to further make the tin foil hat society look like nut jobs.

Apparently not.

Goodbye, Alex Jones. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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