Two Attorney Generals Moving Forward WIth Emoluments Clause Lawsuit

At a time in our nation’s history when we are mourning the loss of our 41st President, are engaged in a trade war with China, Vladimir Putin is testing the waters in Ukraine and Syria, Iran testing rockets that are capable of carrying nukes, and Robert Mueller trying to destroy the President and everyone around him there are still others who want to distract the President of the United States who has been working harder than any other President in a while to build up America instead of giving all our tax money to foreign nations while they chant “death to America.”

Donald Trump is not the first wealthy President America has had in office… In fact, I can’t think of any President in recent history that was not loaded and professionally successful in private business… Even the ones that claimed they were broke, think Bill and Hillary Clinton, have made hundreds of millions off of their government positions… Some of those millions were made in office and some were made afterward, but they benefited from their role in the American political machine.

The President of the United States has a great deal of responsibility, much more than the public is ever exposed to, and he needs to be able to do his job… People like the Attorney General of Maryland and the Attorney General of Washington, D.C., who should be representing the people in the jurisdictions they were elected or appointed to represent have instead been devoting their time and attention on the President…

These two Attorney Generals have decided they want to make a legal issue out of the emoluments clause in the Constitution… Yeah, that document that lays out the law and how our government is formed and operated… Now most Americans, at least those from my generation have heard the phrase checks and balances… Yeah, the American government has a system of checks and balances built into the three separate but equal branches of government… If there is an issue with the emoluments clause being violated, that is something to be dealt with within the federal government.

The people who elected Donald Trump knew he was a wealthy businessman… Knew he had a vast business empire and they knew he was building a hotel in Washington, D.C.,… And they voted for him and elected him to be their President.

The government lawyers have already dealt with the emoluments clause matter and the President removed himself from his business empire and turned it all over to his two sons and a long time executive. There is no reason for these state Attorney Generals to interfere with the duties of our President.

Nonetheless, these two are now ready with subpoenas and U.S. District Court Judge Peter J. Messitte has approved a legal discovery schedule. The liberal loons have been beside themselves wanting to see the President’s income tax forms and financial information and if these subpoenas are allowed to stand they would finally get hold of them most likely.

Of course, the President and his lawyers are not going to just open the doors and turn everything they want over to them without a fight… The President’s Justice Department lawyers have filed a notice challenging the lower courts decision to allow the case to move forward.

The primary focus of this case deals with the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C… Apparently, if someone visits the District of Columbia and eats, drinks, or sleeps in the Trump Hotel they are doing it to gain favor with the President and as such, they believe he is profiting from his position as our President.

Let me know what you think of clowns like this trying to interfere with our President’s ability to do his job for the American people in the comments below…   

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