Ukraine Whistleblower Suspicious To Former Trump Loyalists

Steve Bannon may no longer be in the White House or part of President Donald Trump’s inner circle, but it does not mean he does not have a handle on some of what is going on in and around the swamp of Washington, D.C.

Amidst the controversy surrounding the name of the “whistleblower” from the National Security Council who filed a complaint against President Trump that eventually led to the impeachment fiasco currently playing out its final hands, Bannon gave an interview to Vice, and claims there were concerns about the person suspected to be the whistleblower and that he pushed for that individual’s removal years ago.

“When I was in the White House there was a number of people in the National Security Council — the named individual eventually got let go, I believe because people were suspicious, not me, but other people around him were suspicious about his leaking, and that’s why he was let go,” Bannon, who served as White House strategist through August 2017, said in an interview with VICE published Friday….

“I don’t think the individual naming of the whistleblower is important, although there was a story in The Washington Times … that tied me to the efforts to get, at least, the gentleman who was named out of the National Security Council,” said Bannon, who left the White House on Aug. 18, 2017.

“Is that true?” a VICE reporter asked Bannon.

“The individual that was named, absolutely true,” he replied.

What is interesting about this interview is that Bannon refuses to name the individual – as has Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts at the impeachment trial question and answer sessions in the United States Senate. Senator Rand Paul asked a question with that individual’s name in it, and Roberts refused to read it.


What do they know that the rest of us don’t? If this individual is guilty of leaking sensitive information, why was he still in a position to make a complaint that would prompt Congress to launch a full-fledged impeachment fiasco even if the nation really did not want one.

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