US To Deny Entry to Canadians Who Smoke Legal Marijuana And That’s Not All

Well here’s one for the record books… Canada has recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana, which given they are all extreme liberals is no surprise, but now the US Customs and Border Patrol has put them on notice that anyone smoking or even investing in the legal marijuana industry in Canada will be denied entry into the United States at the border.

On October 17th the weed will become officially legal and according to a spokesperson for US Customs and Border Protection if you are a Canadian trying to cross the border and they detect the odor of that whacky tobacky you been smokin, or if their dogs pick up on the scent… Well, no entry for you!

I’m not quite sure how they are going to determine if the average Joe crossing the bridge on foot at say Niagara Falls holds any investments in the legalized marijuana industry that is publically traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange, but venture capitalist Sam Znaimer and the Chief Executive of a B.C. agricultural machinery company have already been banned for life from the US of A because they have links to the newly erected legalized marijuana industry.

This seems like a bit of a ridiculous policy especially considering there are already nine states and the District of Columbia, where our elected officials reside, that permit the legal use of recreational marijuana. A lot of this probably has to do with Jeff Sessions. While some states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, the federal government still considers it an illegal narcotic and our fearless Attorney General Jeff Sessions still wants to “crack down” on those states where the legalized use of marijuana exist.

I am not and never have been a marijuana smoker but as an American Patriot who believes in individual liberty and a person’s right to make their own decisions on such things I just can’t see any justification for marijuana not to be legalized.

If the only argument against the legalization of recreational marijuana is it’s bad for your health then it’s no reason at all. If something like being healthy is a litmus test for what is legal and what is not legal in our society than there are a whole lot of other things that pose a far greater health risk than marijuana… And there are a whole lot of things that pose far greater social problems than marijuana.

When alcohol, a substance that destroys more families and causes more deaths either from accident, violence, or health-related issues is sold on every corner and in every restaurant and bar in America I just can’t take someone seriously when they try to argue smoking marijuana is bad for your health… Hell, I can’t even take the argument seriously that it is a gateway drug… Anyone wanna bet that the next step for an alcoholic is drugs?

There is just no rational argument for keeping the recreational use of marijuana illegal… Furthermore, if we truly are a government of the people and by the people and the majority of the people are in favor of legalizing marijuana, then who the hell are a few old men in Washington D.C. who are supposed to be representatives of the people to tell them no?

Of course, I also take the position that if you want to talk about outlawing alcohol which is a proven killer that creates more problems in our society than anything else allowed by law then I will take your marijuana argument seriously. I personally have never had any use for either, but just because I have no use for it does not mean that free people in a free country should not use it as they please… I’ve always found it hypocritical when people are in favor of liberty, but only the liberty they believe is appropriate… Sorry, not the way it is meant to work. Like the old adage says, “to each their own.”

Until things change, it looks like those with family in Canada that like smokin a little recreational weed will have to remain in Canada. Some have expressed concerns and asked Canada’s Prime Minister Justin “I lost my eyebrow” Trudeau if he was going to try and work this out with the United States and he had the following to say:

“Every country has the right to judge who gets to come into their borders or not. I wouldn’t presume to have any other country tell me how or who we can let into Canada. And I certainly won’t work to assume or impress upon the U.S. who they have to let in or not.”

Now I am not a big fan of the little liberal twit, but credit where credit is due… He got that statement right…

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