USA Today Withdraws Despicable Suggestion That Kavanaugh Is A Sexual Offender


The dirty propaganda war of the left against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been deceitful, disgusting and disgraceful, but from all of the cruel sex smears and accusations of drunkenness, nothing came close to a column published by USA Today.

The paper’s sportswriter Erik Brady took the most wicked and most unjustified cheap swipe at the embattled conservative yet, and changed Kavanaugh’s comments before the Senate Judiciary Committee tribunal where he wondered if he could coach his daughter’s girls basketball team ever again after attacks by the left into a grubby suggestion that the judge is likely to be a child molester. 

From the USA Today piece:

“The U.S. Senate may yet confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, but he should stay off basketball courts for now when kids are around”

Those who still have principles expressed their outrage against this libelous garbage and USA Today re-edited the piece to remove the suggestion but the damage was already done.

USA Today has revised a column which argued Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should refrain from going on basketball courts when kids are around. The piece was widely criticized on social media.

“The U.S. Senate may yet confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, but he should stay off basketball courts for now when kids are around,” wrote Erik Brady.

The revised column no longer includes that sentence, and contains an editor’s note at the top of the piece.

USA Today also deleted a tweet containing the above-mentioned sentence from the original column.

A previous tweet contained a statement that has since been edited out of a sports column. That tweet has been deleted. The updated opinion column and editor’s clarification are here:

The column now includes the following:

Editor’s note: Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh has told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee he loves coaching his daughters’ girls basketball teams, but said in testimony Thursday “thanks to what some of you on this side of the committee have unleashed, I may never be able to coach again.” The intent of this commentary was to address that question. The column was re-edited to more closely reflect that intent and labeled to reflect it as the writer’s opinion.

But USA Today has neither withdrew nor they apologized to Judge Kavanaugh or any of their readers who they just fed this sleazy malarkey to.

The revengeful left and media smear merchants not only want to tarnish a man’s reputation with unfounded-and politically motivated-decades-old allegations of sexual assault, but they also alleged that he is a child sexual predator.

If these monsters are capable of getting their flaking claws back onto the levers of power what they have done to Kavanaugh will be the blueprint for everybody else who they disagree with.

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